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[1. 5. 14.] oh look who's trying to revive the site ;DD //shot. so yaa, hello people i'm active again, danie isn't because she recently lost her internet connection, but i will try and revive the site because i got my muse back for this thing. changed some things here and there. make sure to read everything before joining. oh and! we're still looking for two mods, in case anyone is interested~

-Mod Hunt

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TOKYO RAMBLE is an original rp site created by LILY and DANIE, based on the concept of Shugo Chara! by Peach-Pit. All HTML, as well as CSS templates and widgets were created by LILY with the help of several coding sites. All images were taken either by zerochan, google or other picture resource sites. Graphics were made by LILY. Character concepts and information are not there for you to take. They belong to those who wrote them, and stealing such things will result to us hunting you down. YEEEEE--

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First, Second and Third year students attend the two most famous highschools in Shinjuku. The private Fushaku Highschool and the public Teitou Highschool have had their rivalry since the beginning of their existence. Several competitions of different nature have been taking place in order to decide which of the two schools is the best in Tokyo. Most students in one school feel the rivalry towards the other, but some just don't want to take part in this kind of competition. Students in Fushaku are not allowed of a part time job, whereas in Teitou, they are free to choose if they want to work outside the school. Students are free to enter gangs, but their identities must stay hidden, thus preventing the two schools to discover who they are and expel them.

Teachers, much like the students, most take the rivalry seriously, but there are still some who don't want to get involved with it. The two schools have teachers of all kind, either for necessary lessons, or club activities. Teachers are free to enter gangs, but their identities must stay hidden, thus preventing the two schools to discover who they are and fire them.

Civilians are the rest of the population in tokyo. From business men to housewives, these people are what keeps everything going. Their age and appearance ranges from person to person. Gang leaders usually originate from this category of people.
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